philotheca-myoporoides Native Daphne / Long-Leaf Wax Flower Pink buds with white flowers Flowers late winter to early spring Grows to H Tolerates frosts

Philotheca myoporoides

Native - Philotheca myoporoides - Long leaf wax flower or Native daphne. Flowers winter and spring

Eremophila subfloccosa

Eremophila subfloccosa (Dense-felted Eremophila) - Another purchase for the front yard - 1 metre high, metre wide . Likes a warm spot.

Thelychiton speciosus

Thelychiton speciosus formerly known as Dendrobium Speciosum

Zygophyllum glauca / Pale Twin Leaf

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Goodia lotifolia

Golden Tip, Clover Bush, Yellow Pea.