I like to whip up a batch of these to use for lunches for a couple of days - if they last that long!

Chicken noodle balls

Chicken noodle balls Treat the family to these easy chicken noodle meatballs - the kids, in particular, will love them!

Gotta try this!

30-minute frying pan lasagne

Not only have we created a speedy, fuss-free version of classic pan lasagne, we& made it lower in fat and kept the authentic flavour!

Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with flavours of shawarma recipe (Arabic Food Recipes)

Cookie dough truffles - ooooh yummmm!  http://planningwithkids.com/2012/03/25/cookie-dough-truffles/

Cookie Dough Truffles

Cookie Dough Truffles - completely divine balls of cookie dough dipped in chocolate.

Whoopie Pies lol.

Spiced golden syrup whoopie pies

Spiced golden syrup whoopie pies recipe - Preheat oven to fan-forced. Using an electric mixer, beat butter, sugar and golden syrup until light and.

Classic deliciousness.

Passionfruit melting moments

This week's food fight recipe has been around for decades but somehow it becomes a little sweeter as the years pass by.

I've made this a few times now and it works really well in the microwave - so easy.

Working woman's risotto

This week's winner of the food fight: working woman's risotto ready in a flash!

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