Ola Niña

Ola Niña

Australia / Ola Niña is like Saltwater therapy, it’s waking up early to surf your local break. It is the feeling when you catch that perfect ride. http://olanina.com
Ola Niña
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Roxy #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

Roxy winner & ambassador Katie McLean That's going to be me, living on the beach and all it's what I do!

Nature and how it inspires- it gives us all that we need. Water for cleansing, and sand helps to desquamate to allow new skin to breath.


Craig Anderson feelin' loose and free Surfers Attic likes this.

river surfing in Britain... long ride, yeah?

Surfers enjoy a leisurely ride on the Severn Bore, a series of waves caused by a tidal surge, as they are swept inland up the River Severn.The river estuary, part of the Bristol Channel, has a tidal range – the second-highest in the world.


Hawaii // Maui // surfer girl // Cant wait to surf in hawaii!

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina custom surfboards. Max, my son's birthday present surfboard. Black with Robert Moore Art