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"Whilst the public image of science education may be one of simply learning facts by rote, science education in recent history also generally concentrates on the teaching of science concepts and addressing misconceptions that learners may hold regarding science concepts or other content." - Keith Taber

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Science education offers an array of topics, all of which accumulate to an ultimate idea; in this sense, all scientists are cooperative with each other. Nothing in science is done for nothing, but rather with the inspiration of a greater cause.

Science education offers students the opportunity to be immersed in a world of fact and justified curiosity.

Today's science students will be the inventors of the products we need to survive, entertain ourselves with, and use for our leisure.

Science education will bring to life countless generations of the greatest minds to ever live, to challenge our everyday preconceptions of specific fields in the name of advance.

Science is a subject which can provoke curiosity in even the most uninterested of students; the use of microscopes can enhance the students' enjoyment in science, as it offers a practical approach to practical young students.

The many different areas students can explore in the paradigm of science.