Recessed tiled shower shelves Michelle LeBlanc, Owner Of Shop Mille

washing basket storage

20 Awesome Laundry Room Storage and Organization Ideas

Install A Highly Functional Pull Out Basket Drawer. Good way to organize the laundry room

dark floor tile, white subway tile on walls, white everything else

Home design: White subway tile for the win. . .

50 Favorites for Friday Bedrooms, 25 Bathrooms)

Grey hexagon marble tiles. Modern free standing tub. White subway tile | @andwhatelse

Weekly Inspo: The Bathroom

Interior design idea: Grey hexagon marble tiles, modern free standing tub, and white subway tile on the wall -- all-white bathroom perfection!

Wooden benchtop

wooden butcher block over washer and dryer to fold! Find yourself spending a lot of time in the laundry? Three Bird Renovations recommend jazzing up the space and adding a pendant light. This reno features our Clear Laurent Pendant Light

laundry window

Laundries should have lots of drawers, dirty washing, clean washing, whites & darks , perfect

Window above bath

Dark floor tiles with light wall tiles, warmth from the timber vanity

This week, I am celebrating - the Bathroom! If you're anything like me,  you've never had a bathroom AS good as your parents. I feel it's almost  like cooking, you will just never cook the same meal as mum, and have it  actually work out MORE delicious than mum's.

Weekly Inspo: The Bathroom

perfect small tub/shower for fresno house small bathroom inspiration (via Share Design) . simple, and timeless black statements in a white bathroom

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