National Gallery of Victoria | one of Australia's more renowned museum hosts expositions showcasing the worlds most famous artists. Aside from the art on the walls, the building itself is worth a visit.
VEGEMITE museum in the shape of the iconic jar. Opening Australia Day 2016, The Big VEGEMITE Jar will be located at the "Home of VEGEMITE”, its production factory in Port Melbourne. Housing a five-story museum, the eye-catching sculpture will be visible in the Melbourne skyline.
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McDonalds in an Art Deco 1930 building in Melbourne. Not sure if I should embrace this. Or cry.
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Sally Tertini, author of a new book on outdoor swims within reach of Sydney, reveals her favourite places for quiet, scenic and exhilarating dips
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Dandenong is treasure trove of ethnic food, with its own Little India and Afghan Bazaar precincts (Melbourne, Victoria).