Chocolate Peppermint Balls

These chocolate peppermint balls are perfect if you love that minty chocolate taste.

Paleo Black Forrest Cheesecake

Just in time for Christmas. My Black Forrest Cheesecake is made with fresh cherries and is a rich chocolate dessert that is simply delicious. You can enjoy it by itself as a rich chocolate treat.

Warm apple and cinnamon sago pudding

As the months get colder, you start to crave something nice and warm for breakfast. I created this recipe as a paleo alternative to porridge. In my pre-paleo days, I would often prepare porridge, cooked oats with warm milk and a dash of honey.

Paleo Banana and Toffee (Banoffee) Cheesecake

If you like bananas then you will most likely fall in love with my Paleo Banana and Toffee (Banoffee) Cheesecake. Banoffee pie is a rather popular dessert which originated in England.

Paleo Ginger, Date and Pecan Biscuits

If you like ginger, you will be a fan of my Paleo Ginger, Date & Pecan Biscuits. I have been experimenting lately, trying to make crunchy paleo biscuits.

Paleo Rich Chocolate Cheesecake

I& just returned from overseas and I& glad to be back in my kitchen! At this time of the year there are plenty of get togethers with friends and family.