Sharon Strzelecki, Magda Szubanski: Kath and Kim.

Sharon Strzelecki, she could be my Second Best Friend. I love her attitude.

Kath & Kim T Shirt. Love this.

Look at moiye,ploise... T-Shirt

OMG I need this shirt.they have all sorts of Steel Magnolia Shirts on this website!


"Hi I'm Sharon, Sharon Strezlecki"


"Hi I'm Sharon, Sharon Strezlecki"


Kath and Kim- I fully love this show.

Jane Turner and Gina Riley, creators and stars of "Kath and Kim."

Jane Turner and Gina Riley - Cath and Kim

The girls get glam!

Big Girl’s Blouse: Australia’s short-lived feminist comedy masterpiece

Magda Szubanski - Sharon  from "Kath and Kim." OMG

Magda Szubanski - Sharom from Kath and Kim

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kath and Kim netball 11 reasons why netball changes your life and makes you a better human.

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Canadian Needle Nana: 5 Healthy Things I'm Trying To Do

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