WIP The Boy Who Steals Houses

///// plotting ///// a homeless boy drifts around empty houses, stealing to live, until he finds a house full of wild children and pretends he belongs. there is a girl who is a miniaturist. and the boy has a book addiction. there's strawberry jam and yellow sunflowers.
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Acne Studios Misty Sweater (Camel) ~ Long-sleeved sweater in tan ribbed merino wool. Zipper detail at merino wool. love the colour, the ease in the style and the bloom of the yarn

Dayton smirked once his eyes met my hand, "Really?" He asked, "Teddy bears holding balloons? With cartoon monsters next to it?

ughhh why can't i have this lookk



This was in the Grantaire pins. Probably because of that time when George Blagden tried to flip a pancake but dropped it on the floor. That adorable nerd.


He was tangled with a blanket on the floor and his head was pounding. He spotted Uriah's holey sock foot sticking off the end of his bed.