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Mykonos, Greece. Check out the balance of red color in this room. With a door, staircase and plants set up, this is an interior designer's dream come true. Architects and designers are always looking for the next best thin.  Terrazzo is a material is just as colorful and has many design possibilities.

Bold reds against stark whites. Get the look with Dunn-Edwards Red Contrast…

Love the periwinkle door and the beautiful blooms draping it.

Doors Around The World: La Roque d'Anthéron ~ Bouches-du-Rhône, France Creative painting to match with the flowers


the krishna temple door in india. it is well known for its carved temple door panels. the panels represent different ideologies that exist within the religion.

phone would you rather questions

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I really need to commit to daily devotional time with solitude and prayer for my husband and child. Must add this to my daily devotion routine

23 DIY Holiday Decor Ideas to Deck the Halls With This Season

Christmas DIY: With this simple kit With this simple kit you can create your own DIY wooden joy sign to decorate your front door or home.