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IKEA Hack Lego Table

Convert IKEA storage into a Lego table - this is awesome! by Marie Mullis Thurman

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Stuff

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Kids Stuff: Organize kid bedrooms, organize toys in the living room, and organize on the go! Each kids names on them for sports or swimming so their stuff is always together.

Escape the Volcano Shape Game- a fun way for toddlers to learn their shapes

Escape the volcano shape game. A fun way to learn about shape, colors, and numbers. Do you have any other favorite volcano activities you love?

Cute way to hang on to cards you hate to throw away... Hole punch and binder rings...

What to Do with Old Cards and Letters- Some great ideas. I usually used them for scrapbook or card embellishments but I like the idea of saving them. Maybe saving birthday cards by year for my daughter.

Indoor Family Activities - Just Add Masking Tape!

25 Rainy Day Activities for Kids. might have to use for summer fun instead of beach Activities, Kid Activities, Summer Kid Activities

Paper Airplane Launcher

How to build a simple paper airplane launcher. This takes ordinary airplanes to a whole new level! UPDATE : the popsicle stick launcher worked better for the kids.

birthday traditions

10 Ways to Celebrate birthdays and make kids feel SUPER SPECIAL! Wake up to balloons, open a present, have a special breakfast, let the birthday kid choose supper. Do one or two each birthday or turn a few into yearly traditions. My kids LOVE these!