Palm Cove Beach near Cairns #Australia

Palm Cove Beach near Cairns, this was the main beach I visited nearly every day of my stay in Cairns!

Palm Cove...

Palm Cove by Mark Gray. the ultimate rural residential land release in North Queensland.

Two weeks!! - Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia is in tropical North Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef is located off its shore.

Green Island, Cairns Australia

No Man Is an Island

Bora Bora is perhaps the closest we'll get to Heaven on Earth. Located about 260 kilometers miles) northwest of Tahiti, Bora Bora is part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France claimed in With a land area of 44 sq km

Palm Cove Paradise “Queensland Australia”

any place that I can swim with the dolphins. It has always been a dream of mine. I love dolphins.

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Cairns public Lagoon Pool, Cairns #Australia

Cairns public Lagoon Pool, Cairns, QLD, Australia - our fave fam destination.


Which Ocean Animal Are You?

The bottle-nosed dolphins in sunset light. Dolphins ~ They are so friendly . I love to watch Dolphins. Another amazing animal from GOD, Thank you

..Fabulous pin!!! Dolphins seem to have all the fun in the ocean and able to 'fly' too!!!! | Vision Board | Pinterest | Dolphins, In The Ocean and The Ocean

Magnificent Dolphins by Christian Riese Lassen. He is my favorite artist. We do share the same passion for the ocean, after all :)