Being thankful for every situation we are in, looking for and counting the many blessings in that situation, the sooner we can rise above the seemingly difficult or unpleasant circumstances, the sooner our desired situation becomes a reality!  Then, of course, there is the adage of, “I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet!”  There are so many people around us who have much less than we do, have fewer possibilities for changes, and who are locked into much worse…

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The fear of failure is probably one of the greatest fears people have. –The fear of failure in life, in love, or in work. The fear of hurting others is also very common, because of our failure, the fear of letting people down, disappointing them, disillusioning them, discouraging them. –The fear that because of our failure, others will also fail and this is the most difficult to bear. The fear of failing ourselves is probably least of all. In a way, that is fear of the truth about ourselves…

We cannot be full of God's Spirit while we are fearful. Love drives out fear by taking risks for Christ

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