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1976 Olympics Montreal When the Games got started they were quickly stolen by 14-year-old Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, who scored seven perfect 10s on her way to three gold medals. East Germany's Kornelia Ender did Comaneci one better, winning four times as the GDR captured 11 of 13 events in women's swimming. John Naber (4 gold) and the U.S. men did the East German women one better when they won 12 of 13 gold medals in swimming.


Summer Olympics Posters / Logo Collection

The Summer Olympics were scheduled for Tokyo in 1940, Japan was at war with China and withdrew as host. The IOC immediately transferred the Games to Helsinkionly to be invaded by the Soviet Union in 1939. By then, of course, Germany had marched into Poland and World War II was on. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor two years later, and the bombs didn't stop falling until 1945. Against this backdrop of global conflict, the Olympic Games were cancelled again in 1940 and '44


Olympics: Digger- Spitz upset at snub as invitation fails to arrive

1972 Olympics Munich 10 days into the games — eight masked Palestinian terrorists stormed the apartment of Jewish athletes, killing two and taking nine as hostages. Within 24 hours, all nine were dead. The magnitude of the terrorist crimes dwarfed the athletic achievement of the Munich Olympic Games, which included Mark Spitz' winning seven gold medals and breaking seven world records.