Provocation- Put simply, provocations provoke! They provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. This activity might also be provoked by stories of the dreamtime - children could create their own story through their art.

This pin displays an activity in which is being completed in by small children. It emphasises as cultural perspective through art and allows children to contribute and explore cultures through understanding in their art, creating their own artworks.

Wooden Australian animals on brown sand with rocks, wood and leaves. Looked amazing!

Wooden Australian animals on brown sand with rocks, wood and leaves. Looked amazing!

Aboriginal handprints

This year, we have decided to take a further look into some of the amazing sights we saw on our Lap of Oz. First up, we have decided to take a look at the amazing Aboriginal Rock Art. We saw rock art first at Carnarvon Gorge and then again at the West

An educational and heartwarming read, this story follows Mary, a young Aboriginal girl who lives on dusty cattle station. When Mary is shunned by other Indigenous girls for her fair skin, Old Ned, a community elder, comes to her rescue. Touching upon the themes of multiculturalism and prejudice, this narrative utilizes Old Ned's voice to demonstrate that family, community, country, culture, and sp...

Fair Skin Black Fella by Renee Fogorty, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

One child lives in the city and another in the top end. When they compare notes about their different environments, they find they have much in common.

Same, but little bit diff'rent

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