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Peppie Winkler

Peppie Winkler
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Adorable his and her/best friend/matching tattoos. And god forbid that friendship ever end, the quote in itself is true and cute.

"She said life's too short to worry; Life's too long to wait; Too short not to love everybody; Life's too long to hate." - Todd Snider, Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern

Tattoo info

stablercake: sweetrivertree: proctalgia: this is important As someone who works at a tattoo shop, I can say this is pretty accurate for those who are interested If the wrist is not among the most painful I am never getting a tattoo in those red places

Thinking of inking?

A diagram concerning where to 'ink', and what to expect. It lists types of tattoo art, places, and effects on skin. This is exactly the sort of thing that inspires art. Just skin art in this case.

Home Bowling Alley-If It's Hip, It's Here: Modern Luxury Living - The Architecture & Interior Design of the Balance Hill House.

Atlanta Hawks, Joe Johnson's sneaker closet! .

Justin's Dream Closet :) Hawks’ Joe Johnson Has A Fingerprint Sensor For His Sneaker Closet


Closet with built-in cigar humidor. I would love a humidor like this.