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LORENZO CANA - Luxury Italian 100% Silk Tie Set Necktie with Hanky Gold Brown Baroque - 84327
frozen waterfall by hhwenk
✯ Beautiful Aurora Borealis
Waterspout in Tampa, Amazing World beautiful amazing
Sarychev volcano (Russia’s Kuril Islands, northeast of Japan) - The plume has hit a layer of air with moisture in it. It’s raised by the plume causing a reduction in pressure (its now higher). That causes the moisture to form a cloud.
#earth "from Above"
Top 5 Potentially Habitable Alien Planets #space #astronomy #science
Scientists have discovered the 'Godzilla of Earths,' a giant alien planet that is a new type of huge and rocky, world located 560 light-years from Earth.
Cyberpunk, Futuristic City, Future Architecture, Skyscraper, , Futuristic, Cyber City, Cityscape 2 by ~Hazzard65 on deviantART
TRAILER PARK FAE by Dan Dos Santos