Australia Koala Craft (Save the date using pieces of paper with that days date showing given to kids last; paste on back ground composite; use felt paper for furry parts)

Canada Day is fast approaching (July but I'm more intrigued by this great craft from Australia (Australia Day is January Many thanks to Phillipa at House of Baby Piranha (!) for this great activity for kids. House of Baby Piranha

Aboriginal art symbols  (might be inappropriate for Australia Day as some indigenous now call it 'Invasion Day') but in my family we believe we are ALL Australians, and my kids are aboriginal so we'll be doing this one

Australian Aboriginal symbols and their meanings. I have always been interested in alphabets, symbols, and icons.

Koala in the creek, Australia Day

Koala in the creek - Celebrate Australia Day January. Cute kids party food idea - Blue Jelly and a Chocolate Caramello Koala with mini Aussie Food Pick

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