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Pool Vibes :: Flamingo Float :: Summer Vibes :: Friends :: Adventure :: Sun :: Poolside Fun :: Blue Water :: Paradise :: Bikinis :: See more Untamed Summertime Inspiration

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Funny Parking Sign - This sign made me giggle! By no means do I think I'm a princess but I love pink and.'toad' makes me smile :)

Carnival Foods..cotton candy....spun fluffy yumminess(ha my word not scrabble worthy)

My favorite carnival food is cotton candy - forget the ice cream and the deep fried corndog. Afterwards my teeth feel like they are wearing sugary socks - gotta br

The question I ask every sales person at every department store.

"Do you have this in pink?" FROM: 54 Pretty Pink Posters and Quotes

Fiji beach... I would give anything to be on the beach right now!!

White sand beaches and clear waters are what I dream about! I love the beach and would live here if I could. If I visited I don't know if I would ever come back! {FIJI BEACH, THE MALDIVES}