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Once I have the wrap on my nail, it isn’t uncommon for me to reheat it 2 or 3 times. The purple Rubber Tipped Cuticle Pusher can be found in the Application Kit are awesome for sealing the edges! Jamberry Application Kit has everything you need for the perfect manicure. Kit includes: •2 alcohol wipes•1 pair of nail scissors•1 pair of nail clippers•1 buffer block•2 orange sticks•1 rubber cuticle pusher•1 nail file $12.50
If you give your wraps the time to cure, the seal on the edges will be stronger and you will be able to enjoy your manicure longer! Look for a few more tips in the near future. Those will be a bit more advanced tips for after you have applied your wraps, pedicures, trimming wraps to fit and the like. If you have any questions please contact me. I am happy to help! If you think you are ready to give the wraps a shot, you can REQUEST A JAMBERRY SAMPLE. Email heatherhanshew73@aol.com
This one took me forever to “wrap” my head around (LoL…WRAP! Get it?? See what I did there!? LoL) It seems like you want the wrap to cover the ENTIRE nail, but trust me, you don’t! If the wrap touches any part of the cuticle or skin, it will not form a good seal and your wraps will lift. Believe me, YOU may see that little gap, but no one else will notice!
I cannot stress this one enough! I like to do all my nails before I apply the wraps, then wipe each one down with alcohol or Jamberry’s Nail Cleanser individually before each wrap. heatherhanshew.jamberry.com
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Jamberry's Shattered Glass is back NOW til supplies run out! Hurry hurry! They will go FAST! https://christielambert.jamberry.com/us/en/shop/products/shattered-glass#.VvGULscw2og
Who loves to color? Only with Jamberry can you wear your coloring pallet and color anywhere anytime and have a beautiful one of a kind summer manicure too! Stress relief at your finger tips! heatherhanshew.jamberry.com
Colorful hues and a metallic finish, this Jamberry nail design is fun and spunky! Show off your unique side this summer with 'Trippin' wrap.
Jamberry TruShine Gel kit with Party Dress enamel and Dusty Floral wrap. So pretty! http://amyljohnson.jamberrynails.net/