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Party favors

cone garland christmas kids birthday party garland, and favors. use paper, or masa/watercolor paper washes. last years christmas cards/ lace *cover a paper mold with plastic wrap and stiffener in pet girl boy

25 Map-Inspired Crafts to Make

cardboard deer head covered in old maps. I have a weird thing for odd deer heads on the wall. Not a regular deer head. But odd ones.

25 projects using embroidery hoops!

This is perfect for a retail window or store display! Love the diffused light here - TO DO: Use vellum, or light colored/painted silk scarves/fabric. Stretch it between your embroidery hoops! Use fishing line or twine to hang, super easy display window.

gonna do this i think - its very cool <3

DIY canvas photo tutorial - make sure to use an ink jet or laser printer with regular paper (not photo paper). Can also use mod podge instead of gel medium and olive oil instead of furniture polish. Finish with another layer of mod podge to seal.

Turning an old drawer into a bulletin board/shelf.

Turn an old drawer into a bulletin board/shelf. Love the idea of the shelf lip with the bulletin board-add cork board inside.

pretty <3

Paper flowers for valentines day or a gift kids can make.teacher gift - I also love teaching kids to make them out of duct tape!