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Bird watching. Favs: Golden American Finch, Blue Jay, Humming bird, Cardinals, Wood pecker, Chickadee

RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD Agelaiu phoeniceus Bird Spotting: The differences between the male and female red-winged blackbird are striking. While the plumage of the male is entirely black except for two bright red shoulder patches, the female is a dusty brown and heavily striped.

Red-breasted Nuthatch ... - find us now at Great Backyard Bird Count

The Flame Bowerbird is one of the most brilliantly coloured bowerbirds. The male is a medium-sized bird, up to 25 cm long, with flame orange and golden yellow plumage, elongated neck plumes and yellow-tipped black tail

The Summer Tanager (Piranga rubra), is a medium-sized American songbird, now classified in the cardinal family (Cardinalidae).[The species's plumage and vocalizations are similar to other members of the cardinal family

Cardinal in the Snow. So beautiful. Reminds me of my grandma. She loved to watch cardinals through the kitchen window as she went about her day.

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The Red-capped Robin (Petroica goodenovii) is a small passerine bird native to Australia.