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The White House's super hip 3D-printed holiday ornaments

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Monopoly Gets an Unofficial Social Media Edition

100 humanoid robots perform synchronized dance routine in Tokyo

This doorbell rings your smartphone when you're not home

The Ring is a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that allows you to see and speak with everyone who comes to your door from your smartphone.

AT&T Adds 7GB Tier To Mobile Share Value Plans

AT&T wants to make sure you never go without data connectivity on a flight ever again. The carrier announced on Monday that is "plans to launch a high-speed LTE-based in-flight connectivity service" for commercial airlines that will arrive as soon as late

Android has always been known as the cheaper of the two mainstream mobile operating systems due to its open-source nature and lack of extreme markup. However, this past year, the price of an iPhone...

​Experts from Intel, APX Labs, and Endeavour Partners discuss the future of wearables, the importance of fashion in building these devices, and the new security/privacy challenges they create.