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Not keen on the orange lycra. But otherwise, awesome!

this is all i ever want to do all the time everyday of my life

from Bloglovin’

Photo (The Ballet Blog)

I was going to put this on my art board- but then i realised that its fashion aswell. The dress is unusal and beautiful that i just had to pin it and put it in my fashion board. Prrreeettyyy!!! More

I love photos of dancers posing on the beach

Сны забытого патефона.. / Dreams of a forgotten gramophone.. by Ravshaniya , via 500px

“Don't you hear it? She asked I shook my head no then she started to dance suddenly there was music everywhere it went on for a very long time when I finally found words all I could say was thank you. ” ― Brian Andreas, Story People ;Dancer by Richard Calmes

She’d remembered how they’d gone dancing one night, how adventurous it had seemed, how the music and starlight and danger had stirred her to feel close to him, almost giddy with pleasure, but how in a curious way it was not really him in her arms, it was the idea of happiness, the possibility, the temptation, a slow, tantalizing waltz with some handsome future.

Ballet In The Night Painting by Corporate Art Task Force

That moment when you realize all that's holding her up are her toes....she's in a forced arch...