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Law, Business and Human Rights: Bridging the gap - edited by Robert C. Bird, Daniel R. Cahoy, and Jamie Darin Prenkert - September 2014

Business and Human Rights - edited by Wesley Cragg - January 2013

NOW IN PAPERBACK! - Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship, Second Edition: How technology and entrepreneurship are shaping the development of industries and companies - edited by François Thérin - September 2015 (Research Handbooks in Business and Management series)

NOW IN PAPERBACK - Handbook of Service Marketing Research - edited by Roland T. Rust and Ming-Hui Huang - October 2015 (Research Handbooks in Business and Management series)

NOW IN PAPERBACK - Business Models for Sustainability - by Peter E. Wells - July 2014

Sport Management - edited by George B. Cunningham - September 2013 (The International Library of Critical Writings on Business and Management series)

Business Innovation and Disruption in the Music Industry - edited by Patrik Wikström and Robert DeFillippi - March 2016

Kantian Business Ethics: Critical perspectives - edited by Denis G. Arnold and Jared D. Harris - October 2012

NOW IN PAPERBACK - International Handbook on Diversity Management at Work: Country perspectives on diversity and equal treatment - Second Edition - Edited by Alain Klarsfeld, Lize A.E. Booysen, Eddy S. Ng, Ian Roper, and Ahu Tatli - January 2016 (Research Handbooks in Business and Management series)