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Matilde Kchessinskaya

Mathilda Kschessinska, prima ballerina assoluta and mistress of Czar Nicholas II before his marriage to Czarina Alexandra, mother to Anastasia Romanov

..:: Laura Braga ::..: Anatomical studies and moleskine sketches

Here are some anatomical studies (classic dance, hip hop dance and pole dance) and some moleskine sketches. (I ♥ Moleskine) .

Female Dancer Bard - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy

Keya's most informal wear is usually like this. She is very poised and graceful, but also very short. Keya is a solid 4 feet, 11 inches.

dancer problems ...why don't girls ever notice how amazing male dancers are!! thank God atleast in kpop they have some value!! infact they're adored!! i have always had a think for guys who can dance....and my crush is famous for his dancing skills only ^^

Yes it does take A LOT for male dancers. But football, or baseball, etc. does take effort. But being able to be a male dancer, all of the effort it takes, and still look manly.