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Rice crispy treat nests for Easter<3 I made these by combining reguar rice cereal and cocoa pebbles for a more realistic colored nest. (You follow the normal directions for making the rice crispy treats) instead of spreading in a pan I took individual handfuls & shaped each one using a cupcake pan & then worked them a little by hand to get it just right ;) I bought egg shaped candies and put them in the nests and Voila! A fun Easter treat :) A big hit with family and friends!

Thanksgiving Acorns

NEW! Thanksgiving Acorns made from plastic eggs! What a cool kids' Thanksgiving craft to use as a festive decoration. |

Easter Oreo Bark

Easter Oreo Bark - so festive, delicious and only takes 5 minutes to put together! { }

Beyond the Bunny- Christ-Centered Easter Tradition Ideas

Candy Eggs. Ohhhh I Love this!! I may have to make some of these and send them to school with Hailey!!