Kevin Jorgeson climbs what has been called the hardest rock climb in the world: a free climb of El Capitan in California's Yosemite National Park.

There’s a swing on the edge of a cliff in Ecuador. It has no safety measures and is called the ‘Swing at the End of the World’//

Wake up America and Good Morning to the World and all my Facebook Friends List wherever you may be…….. Good Evening! Hong Kong, China/Asia and the Philippines. "FYI-SPM@Gatekeeper and Watchman” (Steven P. Miller) @ Tuesday, October 2014 PM EST)

Now that's topping it off. The world is your climbing ground. Don't leave it unexplored. David Clifford Climbing Photography

I don’t think people’s weaknesses are bad at all. We all have them. I have tons, and I’m not going to discredit you for having them, but I think that not being aware of them is dangerous. -- Alexa von Tobel of LearnVest: No, Really, What’s Your Weakness?

We never can perceive the whole picture or see the beauty underneath the surface!

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