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Office tools realistic icon vector set pc, pen, web, set, file, tool, icon, case, clip, blue, book, white, fluid, mouse, black, ruler, knife, paper, yellow, vector, symbol, orange, modern, cutter, folder, design, marker, pencil, office, screen, scenner, scanner, stapler, printer, isolated, document, business, internet, notebook, computer, keyboard, scissors, telephone, equipment, technology, protractor, collection, calculator, correction, illustration

vector ink frames set old, ink, set, art, aged, dark, grain, rough, dirty, stamp, white, blank, paint, black, shape, brush, frame, empty, paper, liquid, vector, circle, design, grungy, poster, banner, grunge, border, splash, spatter, graphic, element, texture, pattern, handmade, abstract, creative, artistic, background, silhouette, illustration

100 ecommerce icons set of vector tag, s, new, web, set, bag, car, sign, card, gift, icon, sale, cart, shop, bill, offer, prize, price, label, money, color, paper, store, retail, vector, symbol, modern, design, ticket, button, ribbon, special, desktop, sticker, product, business, discount, purchase, customer, reduction, transport, ecommerce, promotion, decoration, collection, background, application, advertising, illustration, representative

Wine Glass Collection keyword alcohol, antique, background, bar, beverage, big, black, bottle, brandy, champagne, cold, collection, cup, design, drink, elegance, glass, graphic, group, icon, illustration, isolated, juice, liquor, long, martini, modern, mug, old, pub, red, restaurant, row, set, shape, short, silhouette, small, symbol, traditional, vector, vine, vodka, whiskey, white, wine, wineglass

Set of Cartoon Shops set, icon, cafe, town, city, view, shop, door, urban, house, store, style, window, street, square, bakery, vector, modern, cartoon, downtown, isolated, business, exterior, building, structure, mini mark, illustration, architecture, coffee shop

DOSSIER MAGAZINE 003 by willem.kitshoff, via Flickr // White space! I like how Old breaks the grid just enough to make the design a little more dynamic. Nice contrast between the two pages too.