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Feminine vs. Masculine Posing is all about body language. Watch that the poses you’re employing are gender suitable. Specifically, I always watch the… Hands – open for a girl, closed for a boy Position – A cute little side glance is adorable for a girl but a bit delicate or vulnerable for a boy. For boys, I love getting them straight-on. Hips – Hands on hips for a girl, hands in pockets for a boy (with the thumbs sticking out – I love that!)

Posing Children: An engaging, fun and easy pose, which is nevertheless rather uncommon and original. Ask the mother to lie down on the ground, then make the kid to sit on and hold on to the mother’s back.

Posing Children: A really touching pose. Just ask the child to hug its mother. Capture their natural emotions for a priceless photo.

A Guest Post by Kaspars Grinvalds from Posing App. After our previous articles on posing female subjects and posing men (there are now more guides – see below this article for the complete series), let’s look at some starting points with photographing children. Little ones are definitely fun and very positive subjects to photograph! Getting …

Posing Children: When photographing outdoors, you can involve your subject in a hiding (actually reappearing) game. Get her to hide behind some object – a big tree for instance – and ask her to peek out of the hide-out. This is a nice moment to take a picture.

Posing Children: Children’s playground is a very good place for some outdoor shots, it provides endless variations for action shots.

Posing Children: When shooting children and family photos, never forget that pets are also family members. Involve them into your shots and you will notice how much joy and emotions that will create.

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