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¡AMOR! Impresiones de la mano autorretrato - lección dewestudio que los estudiantes escriban sobre su año. ¿Qué pensaron __grade iba a ser así, ¿qué fue lo que realmente le gusta? ¿Cómo han crecido? ¿Qué cosas nuevas sobre sí mismos Qué aprendieron? Llenar las manos con los patrones y el fondo con su escritura.

Young Women in Excellence "Sweet is the Work of Personal Progress" pink themed "Sweet Shop" refreshments.

Branding yourself is one of the most important things that you can do as a blogger or business owner. If you're wondering how you can go about branding yourself (without spending a ton of money!) let me walk you through it. How to Brand Yourself as a Blogger or Entrenpreneur.

Personal Progress knowledge project ideas. For some reason this is the one my girls always have a hard time with.

Dana Sellers' new portfolio site has a whole lot of personality! She's done a great job customizing Station Seven's Industry theme.

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Resumes become outdated the moment you hand them out, and can't show off your work well. A personal website, on the other hand, can stay updated and serve as an awesome portfolio. Here's how to build one!