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Yi Peng festival in Mae Jo, near Chiang Mai. More at:

Yi Peng: The festival of lights in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Lantern Festival Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yi Peng Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand. You make a wish before you let your lantern float away.

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Stunning Photos of Chiang Mai's Floating Lantern Festival

Floating Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Gasp! Each November the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand transforms into the most mesmerizing lantern festival called yi peng.

Chiang Mai Floating Lanterns Festival, Thailand ........I just wanna see the floating lanterns gleam!

Loy Krathong Festival of Light, Thailand

As a fair-trade company, we love to see the things going on in the beautiful countries where our products come from. "Thousands of Khom Loy lanterns are released in the air on the festival grounds at the Mae Jo University, Thailand." Thailand brings Harmony our sterling silver jewelry as well as many different clothing styles!

loy krathong/yi peng festival photo by canvas of light