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hannahpoptarts: i am personally asking you to reblog this. in my experience, almost everybody knows what epilepsy is, but almost nobody knows what to do if a seizure happens. for a more detailed first aid click here thank you :)

Transcription of DNA into RNA, enzymatic reactions, RNA, RNA degradation • Transcription• Initiation: promoter recognition, closed complex, open complex. • Promoter: • Prokaryotic: ←upstream, -35...

Metabolic Acidosis Risk Factors: Diarrhea Fever Hypoxia Starvation Seizure Overdose: salicylates or ethanol Renal failure Manifestations: pH 7.35 HCO3 22 mEq/L VS: Bradycardia, weak pulses, hypotension, tachypnea Flaccid paralysis Confusion Interventions: Treat underlying cause Administer fluids, electrolytes

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