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The Top 5 Trainable Dog Breeds

Training the Working Spaniel by Janet Menzies | Quiller Publishing. Containing chapters on training your spaniel from puppy to eighteen months to training and working your young dog in the field, the author gives plenty of advice aimed specifically at cockers as well as springers and other, lesser-known, spaniel breeds. Janet Menzies takes the reader all the way from pup to 'hup' to competing in field trials at the highest levels. #dog #training #spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel was bred in 19th-century Britain for tracking game, so specifically that experienced owners can tell what sort of animal it is tracking by the call it makes. It is rare today. Its attractive coat requires maintenance & is not well-suited to hot humidity, but the breed is quite comfortable in cold weather. Some are prone to eye infections, but most are good with children and other dogs, suited to urban living, and easy to train.

$11.95-$29.99 Cocker Spaniel DVD - Everything You Should Know About Your Dog - Plus a Bonus Feature! Every Breed Specific DVD also includes Interactive Basic Obedience with renowned dog behaviorist Shannon Holstein. She shows you how to quickly and easily teach your dog the following commands: Sit, Down, Stand, Come & Stay.

Our dogs are trained by us to be a reflection of how we act/interact with others. If you are a vicious jerk, guess what?

Chyna the German Shepherd Dog (Herding). Chyna, registered as Jantars China Lake V Witmer HT, is owned by Elizabeth Ashdown, Donna Calabrese, Tina Bogdanich and Susan Witmer. (Fred R. Conrad, a New York Times photographer, set up a studio at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club dog show and invited Best of Breed winners to pose.)