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              Thank you for stopping by My blog. My name is Jasper and I am a Dominant Male that lives in the deep South. This blog is about the things that make Me look twice. A beautiful lady, a sweet submissive spirit and soul, a beautiful sunset, a...

This couple motivates each other by knowing knowledge or learning is important. You must do work before you can have fun so they probably motivate each other to do their work then play later

I have no idea what this link really goes to, but it would be a cute engagement photo - back to back reading books - NERD ALERT!

He had the face of an angle but something behind those blue eyes told me to run and sent a chill down my back. Maybe that's what he wanted but as much as I needed to run I couldn't. Even if I die I still can't leave him I could feel his pain and sadness I had to have him to myself I had to save him. So I looked back at my house one last time and jumped the fence and we ran, ran as fast and far as we could go in the night.