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First Grade Pickle Fractions with Read Aloud Math


Awesome clock to teach students maths concepts

Classroom clock. Black poster board, white paint pen and HL clock kit. {pic only}

Addition connect four - Love this easy printable version of "connect 4" adapt the game for multiplication too!

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36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom... and a few using Command(TM) Products too!

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Favorite Fifth Grade Read Aloud Texts

Wild about fifth grade: Favorite Fifth Grade Read Aloud Texts

What if suddenly there were no numbers? Here is a great book to show why we need math in this world!

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Favorite Fifth Grade Read Aloud Texts

If you're like me you probably enjoy switching up your read alouds once in awhile and trying something new. But finding that something new can be a lot of work. Not anymore!!!!! I've compiled a FREE list for you of the BEST fifth grade read alouds - chosen by those who know best - fifth grade teachers just like YOU!!! #fifthgradefreebies #wildaboutfifthgrade Enjoy!


Math Pennants are a fun way to show off student work

Practice Algebra while building community and classroom decor! Included are 20 pennants for each of 4 topics. TOPICS INCLUDE: slope, solving equations (x on both sides), factoring quadratic trinomials (A=1) and domain and range. 160 pennants in all (80 with QR codes, 80 without), optional student answer sheets and answer keys.

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Math Review Games to Get Students Up and Moving

Math review games can breath life into your classroom and teaching. Most students enjoy getting out of their seats and going their work in another part of the class, whether that be with a group or individually. |

books for teaching about graphs and data collection!