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"A snaking stairway supposedly promised salvation, as it was risky braving such a long & elevated path in an atmosphere of environmental chaos. Still, it remained the only escape route. They encountered numerous courtiers, guests & servants fleeing via the same passage, but Len betrayed them all in his panic, roughly & rudely shoving them out of his way. They passed by several small windows in the circular tower, through which they witnessed the most unusual purple rain consume the sky..."…

Wooden table and wooden linen chest Herculaneum When the volcano destroyed Herculaneum, many of the domestic objects used by its inhabitants were carbonised (blackened and turned into charcoal) by the extreme heat of the first pyroclastic surge. This process took all the moisture from the objects, which stopped them from decaying.

from Architectural Digest

Statement Interiors by Richard Keith Langham Inc.

Antique dog portraits decorate the stair hall |

connecting the lower and upper floors of a narrow, duplex apartment in paris is this vibrant 'pop by architects laila nady and thomas huchet. see more and on

1102 penthouse was designed as a reflection of the clients lavish yet austere lifestyle. The aspirations of high living are challenged by domestic realities of maintaining a functional household. Therein lay the challenge of adapting the spaces of a s