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Exactly! STOP being bitter about a man you CAN'T have!! Just move on!! Your clingy, pathetic, attention tantrums are getting old!! Suck it up and MOVE ON!!

In this crazy, hectic and extremely busy society in which we live... there is NEVER enough time!! How do we FIT IT ALL IN??? Work, family, spouses, kids, soccer games, car pooling, walking the dog, making dinner, helping with homework, laundry.......YIKES!! So, how much TIME does that leave for YOU and YOUR workouts??? You NEED to make it a PRIORITY....and somehow figure out a way to FIT IT IN! Make a Commitment......and stay Focused on YOUR Fitness goals! C' bad do you want…

Wenn Du etwas willst, was Du nie gehabt hast, musst Du etwas tun, was Du noch nie getan hast.

you can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one, quote, written