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Which is your favorite class? (Support all the way for me) You can also get them as keychains, along with some of my other Overwatch stuff here >>

Pierre- Auguste Renoir’s last word was “flowers”, a bouquet that consists of roses just picked from his garden in a vase on his bedroom windowsill. During Renoir’s artist career, flowers played a big part in his success. A mixture of bold colors mixed in with beauty. Here are some of our favorite rose paintings. As he once told a critic ‘I just let my mind rest when I paint flowers’.

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Funny Quotes - Hand painted mug - 16 oz - Great Gift Idea

Jenny Foster - Trunk Show This is my favorite from her site, I saw that you posted some of her art and I'd never seen her work before, so I checked it out. I like some of her dogs I think one is on turquoise called Double Trouble or Dog Trouble... two dogs... oh well. No Matter. Hope you had a good day!

I remember wandering the lanes of my hometown on a Sunday evening, drawn as if by magnetic attraction toward the heart of the village. "Hometown Evening", third in my Hometown Memories collection is enriched by intense childhood memories, although I've chosen to turn the clock back a few decades... I did that to heighten the nostalgia, and to give myself the chance to paint some of my favorite vintage cars. — Thomas Kinkade. August 1995

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Watercolor Techniques #1 : Favorite Tools

I get a ton of questions about watercolor techniques - what I paint with, how I paint, and what I paint on. In this three part series, I hope to answer some of your questions!   First off, the brand of brush doesn't matter at all. I use a mix of cheap brushes and some more high quality ones that my parents have handed down to me, and I really don't feel strongly one way or the other- so don't feel intimidated about what to buy! It's all about how you use the tool, not what brand it…

Alice X Zhang's Sherlock portraits. Her work is so good that the BBC have licensed some of it and prints are available to be purchased in the BBC Shop. - COOL!!!