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Superfood Fruits - Healthy Exotic Fruits

Rambutan Peel off the spiky red covering of this iron-rich Southeast Asian treat to reveal a translucent white orb with a taste that marries grape and watermelon. Read more:

Superfood Fruits - Healthy Exotic Fruits

Feijoa This vitamin-C-packed fruit from South America looks and feels like a lime, but cut it open to reveal juicy flesh that's reminiscent of a tangy pineapple. Read more:

The tropical fruit Rambutan, is one of Asia’s best known fruits. The fruit looks slightly strange at first, but the Rambutan flesh is succulent and sweet.

27 Ugliest Foods You Should Be Eating

Durian Native to Asian countries like Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia, durian is not easy to find. The fruit, which has been dubbed the "King of Fruits," tastes divine. Its smell, on the other hand, leaves little to be desired. “It has a very distinct odor—much like a skunk or sewage,” says Beth Aldrich, certified nutritionist, healthy lifestyle counselor, and author of Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food and Still Look Fabulous.”

Breadfruit Baked or roasted in a fire, the fruit has a starchy texture and fragrance that is reminiscent of fresh baked bread.