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Narconon Exposed: Narconon Drug Rehabs and Scientology. One of the most controversial and hotly debated questions about Narconon is the nature of its relationship with Scientology - both the religion and the Church. Find out the truth behind the frequent claim that it is little more than a front for Scientology, used to recruit people into the Church of Scientology. There is very strong evidence that Narconon is in fact inseparable from Scientology religious doctrines.

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Scientology: Former member Meshell Little on Disconnection explains from first hand experience how the Church of Scientology breaks up families.

Church of Scientology and Narconon Publish Lies About Lucas Catton :: In response to NBC’s Rock Center interview with Lucas Catton and Eric Tenorio, Scientology and Narconon have created a website to publicly smear Catton and have published false information. about him It is also a retaliation for Catton’s book “Have You Told All? Inside My Time with Narconon and Scientology.” By Lucas Catton via Have You Told All? blog.

Scientology/Narconon Corporation Attempts to Smear Lucas Catton. Lucas Catton discusses the Church of Scientology's childish (and stupid) reaction to his appearance on NBC Rock Center.

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Scientology and Me, Part Six: Postscript. A former member who grew up in the church shares her Scientology story via The Hairpin under the pen name "Stella Forstner" in order to protect her identity.