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And find out how what was going on with Mads just before and just after he met Laney...

The story of Laney and Mads. (Maybe Baby by Kim Golden)

Checkout what I bought - a "Mad for Mads" coffee cup, inspired by Kim Golden's "Maybe Baby"!

He cleans up well. ;) Mads (Maybe Baby by Kim Golden)

For Niklas, she is a sexy girl but not really much else. For Mads, she is everything he wants and needs in his life. (Maybe Baby by Kim Golden)

Mad about Mads on one side, Maybe Baby cover on the other. :)

Hotel Kong Arthur -- where Laney and Mads's affair commences. (Maybe Baby by Kim Golden)

Stockholm (Maybe Baby by Kim Golden)

Maybe Baby, now available for Kindle!

Oster Sogade to Fish Island (Copenhagen) by hotcommodity, via Flickr...setting of Maybe Baby