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Damn he so sexy, talented, intelligent and caring and he was NEVER on the train of all of y'all that was talking down on me and treating me bad for so long like y'all was perfect ( the ones talking were some who known me and others who don't)!!! Sad! Smh! That makes him so sexy to me! Because he's not a follower! A real man gets to know a lady's heart, not what others judge her on! ...And those tats and muscles... Oohweeee!! Smmfdh! I Could go on and on, but I really hate to rub it in and…

Dear son - I know its long, but a great read! Click for the full post.

I am determined to be who I needed. A friend, older sibling, someone to listen, someone to remind you that you are better than that. To tell you that you are loved and needed and that there will never be anyone else like you. Whatever you need, I will be.

God loves you NO MATTER WHAT. These people, with all their faults, received God's love, encouragement and support. That same treatment is open for you today, tomorrow. Forever. He is waiting for you and won't give up waiting for you. Ever.

love does not come easy for two types of people: those who cannot stay and those who cannot walk away

Have you been watching?! Have you been thinking about trying TruVision? Have you looked in the mirror and thought oh man spring is coming? Have you felt crummy and out of energy? Who's ready?!!

If this is supposed to be appealing to women, it should be more like: Look like a woman, Act like a woman, Think like a woman, And work like you're the best thing that ever walked on this earth.

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Never have to not anymore. After my entire adult life feeling as tho I wasn't worthy to be their girl I finally know what being the one feels like.

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