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Algebraic Expressions and Equations Card Game Activity or Station

Algebraic Expressions and Equations Math Game/Math Center: These cards are a great way for middle school students to practice matching verbal models with algebraic/variable expressions and equations.

Distributive Property Valentine's Day Maze & Color by Number Coloring Page

Valentine's Day Distributive Property (no negatives) ~ 2 products in one! Valentine's Day Maze & Valentine's Day Color-by-Answer 44 problems total. Visit Gotta Luv It Creations

Combining Like Terms & One-Step Equations Anchor Charts & Flippables

Combining Like Terms and One Step Equations Flippables, Activity and Anchor Charts- Includes link to video for teacher reference! #interactivenotebooks #math #prealgebra

Systems of Equations (Graphing vs. Substitution) Partner Activity

Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing vs. Substitution - Partner Activity! Partner A solves by graphing while Partner B solves the same system by subsitution. They should get the same answer, it not, they work together to correct any mistakes. This works GREAT!

Inequalities (Solving & Graphing) Presentation and Notes

Use this PowerPoint presentation and note-taking outline to introduce solving and graphing inequalities. It has layered animations to allow you to question students as you present and only contains four slides due to the animation involved. The note-taking outlines coordinate with the PowerPoint presentation and include eight additional examples as follow-up. The outline can easily be incorporated into an interactive notebook. CCSS:7.EE.B.4 CCSS: HSA-REI.B.3

Systems of Equations Sorting Activity

Systems of Equations sorting activity: identify types of systems of equations (with 1 solution, no solution and infinite solutions) when data is presented in tables, graphs, sets of coordinate pairs and pairs of equations.

Translating Words Into Math Lesson - Algebraic Expressions

This is an exciting lesson for middle school math students in which they learn to translate between algebraic expressions written in word form to algebraic expressions written with mathematical symbols. The theme of the lesson is World War II and the role the Navajo Indians played in the war effort. Students train to become better translators and increase in rank from "Private", to "Colonel", and lastly to "General".