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And why ptsd sufferers have difficulty with decisions. Attacks can rush blood to one side of your frontal lobe and restrict to the other side, throwing off a lot of various cognitive functions

OH MY SOUL! Looks like I almost forgot I had a blog...Almost! A lot has happened this year, and a lot is still going to happen, which is GRE...

from African Prints in Fashion

Update Your Furniture with African Prints

African Prints in your living room – sounds too much? Like with fashion, it all depends on the right mix. I tend to have a lot of white, grey and black furniture in my apartment – clean lines and designs that are sleek and stylish help in my opinion to not get bored of furniture... [ Read more ]

A lot. Everyone says "its so unladylike" and I'm like "bish please I ain't a freaking lady!"

Unexpected Percy Jackson fan art and it's beautiful. <3

Beauty Reductionista: Things I Like A Lot #1: Owls

I've been layering a lot lately because the temperatures have been dropping every day here in London! Showing you how I like to layer today on the blog!

Remember the tee designs? Ye I drew lots from there but here! Just in case anyone likes to see ‘ v ‘

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