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@Science Of Parenthood The closer you are to climax, the more likely a child will interrupt your quickie.

Bahahahaha! Idk how these "women" can be married to such pussies. Man the fuck up! Such a bad look.

A strong man respects a woman who stands up for herself and gives as good as she gets. Only weak men name call and accuse women of having a mean streak when they don't just roll over and take the crap they dish out.

Just had a friend remind me of this last night. Sad but true, and so the story ends.

A woman should never invest in a relationship with a man she wouldn't want for her daughter, nor allow her to treat her in a way she would scold her son for. Emotionally Potty Training Men Are The Biggest Wastes of Time and Energy.

You might call it over-thinking, but to most women it's just thinking.

Hell yes she does, she just wants to confirm it.......

Not a feminist, old news. Today's feminist are biased toward men. <-- Same, and I'm an anti-feminist by TODAY'S standards. However, I'm a true feminist in that I believe men and women are created equal.

i'm not a bitch...i can see through your bullshit and lies

Jane Austen: Giving women unrealistic expactations since 1811. Traducción: Jane Austen: Da a las mujeres expectativas poco realistas desde 1811.