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The proceeds of these stickers WILL go to the Charge Syndrome Foundation and toward Samantha's Charge it for Charge Campaign! Thanks Everyone!Sammy's mom- KariP.S Campaign ends Nov.26 so items will be shipped to your door before Christmas!

The mission of the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is to provide support to individuals with CHARGE syndrome and their families; to gather, develop, maintain and distribute information about CHARGE syndrome; and to promote awareness and research regarding its identification, cause and management.

CHARGE Syndrome: Providing Physical Therapy - Maryann Girardi, PT, DPT, ATP, speaks about providing physical therapy to children with CHARGE syndrome and its challenges. She describes the impact CHARGE syndrome has on balance and muscle tone. Dr. Girardi also offers her views on strategies to establish a successful treatment plan.

"For your child, this dance will activate formative links in the developing brain, teach vocabulary, word recognition, provoke positive feedback form others, engender feelings of self worth, give access to deaf people and ultimately aid communicative ability." -Marilyn Daniels, Dancing with Words

Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley is a great advocate for kids with dyslexia -- and she trains advocates via on-line classes. Click here to go to www.DyslexiaTrainingInstitute.org.

The Importance of Hands for the Person Who is Deafblind. Hand-Under-Hand Technique and so much more. Very in-depth.

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