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Wall art should be educational. We custom made the poster on the far right to educate our patients on what to do before the doctor enters the room and after their specific scientific chiropractic adjustment. The multi-functional modern box on the wall under the touch AIO computer holds an keyboard on the top, bilateral spinal temperature detection instrument inside along with a condyle block. #diy #affordablebuilding #gonsteadchiro #industrial

Healing Room: What a great name for an adjusting room! Come expecting a miracle, leave telling others! #diy #affordablebuilding #gonsteadchiro #industrial

Condition Information Center: Many people do not realize the power of the chiropractic adjustment. As we adjust the spine, we see many different conditions get healed. This is our library of symptoms available for our patients, their loved ones, and friends. #diy #affordablebuilding #gonsteadchiro #industrial