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MCR Inspired Shoes. My Chemical Romance Shoes. The by HJArtistry

Why does no one talk about Conventional Weapons? When did that album even come out?? I'm so confused.

I fell in love with our conversations. I got lost in their depth, I fell for his notions. And the way he spoke of things he held dear. He was a galaxy I was eager to explore. He was a living price of art. For he made me feel.


Challenge accepted.

writing prompt | okay but I can only think of the PJO aphrodite which makes my character more determined to defy her

My Chemical Romance / iFunny :) I can't help but smile when I read this

My Chemical Romance | I know most of their fan base wouldn't be around either. Not because they physically saved our lives, but because they showed us how to save ourselves.

Writing Prompt-After decades of loneliness, an immortal has agreed to a blind date-July 2016-Romance Prompts