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"Boho" by daiscat on Polyvore

Bread Dough Roses What beautiful little accent roses these make, I love the gorgeous idea of making decorative clothes pins with them!

Nerdy baby clothes-Geekery Baby-My Parents Are Nerds-The One Ring-The Boy Who Lived-Ways of the Force-Blue Fox Apparel-187

Funny baby, Geekery baby, infant bodysuit, My Parents are Nerds, The One Ring, The Boy Who Lived, Ways of the Force, by BlueFoxApparel *187

Not even kidding - I work out more frequently when I like my workout clothes.

Community Post: 14 Best DIY Valentines Day Gifts

This is a cool thing you can do with just a clothes pin, a piece of paper, glue, and some markers! Take the clothes pin and write," You have a message" on the side as shown in the picture. Then design your own envelope where I have drawn it. Take your piece of paper and write a message to someone. Finnally, glue both ends as seen in the picture and vuala! You have a message!

Color-block Letter Embroidered Sweatshirt With Drawstring

Please!Tell me i'm not the only one who love this piece so much!I am totaly can not live without this tape of sweatshirt!Super soft cotton& super fashion hooded pullovers!

I love this system of "filing" clothes. I do it for my shirts, PJs and jeans. Never thought about doing this for undergarments, but I think I'll start doing it for them, too! Click for a summary of how to fold tons o' stuff!